Business Valuation

I Provide Business Appraisal Services to Help Family Law Lawyers, Small Accounting Firms, and SMEs in Okanagan Reach the Upper Echelon of Their Industries

Dreaming of working with a business valuation service that goes above and beyond to deliver stellar results for clients in a multitude of industries? I’m here to make it a reality. Thinking of shuffling your corporate structure for tax purposes? Want to buy/sell a business at the most accurate price possible? Looking to raise debt/equity capital with the help of a seasoned financial expert in the Okanagan? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you’ll love working with me.
My company valuation services are underpinned by a simple philosophy to maximize the value of services I provide for every client. I’ve delivered on this philosophy time and time again through strategic and critical thinking, thorough analysis, risk management, and emotional intelligence supported by my real life experience as a senior financial executive managing businesses and finance teams. As a result, my approach is driven by my experience of how businesses actually operate versus the academic and theoretical approaches of others.

I’ve Changed the Game for those Searching for Financial Expertise in Family Law Matters in Canada

If you are a family law lawyer searching for an experienced divorce support professional or someone going through the divorce process, I can assist you with matters of business valuation and income for support calculations. If you have financial and/or tax issues that go beyond my expertise, I can connect you with a qualified professional to help you achieve your goals.

I provide a range of services including financial consulting to assist in
mediations and negotiations, acting as a shadow expert to help you identify
issues, and the preparation of formal written business valuation and guideline
income expert reports in accordance with the practice standards of the
Canadian Institute of Chartered Business Valuators.

I customize my approach based on the circumstances of your situation to
help you achieve the most cost-effective outcome possible.

Dial +1 250 300 8202 now to arrange a free consultation and get accurate business appraisals and valuations.